5.2.3. Spiral spring




At cars with the all-wheel drive to disconnect half shafts from the transmission and to suspend horizontally on a wire to a body not to damage hinges of synchronizers.

1. To unscrew the shock-absorber from above.


At the same time the car has to stand on wheels (see subsection 5.2.2).

2. To slowly lift the car. At the same time the spring is weakened.
3. To take out a spiral spring.


1. To check damage of a varnish covering on a spring, if necessary to eliminate.
2. To establish a spiral spring so that color marking (arrow) specified back.
3. To turn a support of a spring so that the end of a spring laid down in deepening.
4. To slowly lower the car, at the same time paying attention to the correct provision of a spring in a support.
5. To install the top screw of the shock-absorber and to tighten the moment 100 N · m.
6. If necessary to lower the car absolutely.