7.14. Brake cylinder

Working brake cylinder

1. Protective cap
2. Cuff
3. Dustproof cap
4. Valve of production of air
5. Spring
6. Case of the brake cylinder of a wheel
7. Piston


1. To remove the brake drum (see subsection 7.7) and brake shoes (see subsection 7.8).
2. To weaken a laid on nut of the brake pipeline, without unscrewing.
3. To unscrew the screw of fastening of the brake cylinder behind a brake support.


If the old brake cylinder is under repair, to establish a complete repair kit. In the absence of sufficient skills to entrust work HUNDRED.


1. To enclose rags under a guard of a brake support.
2. To unscrew the valve of production of air.
3. To unscrew a nut of the brake pipeline and to screw right there on the new brake cylinder by hand. It reaches smaller loss of brake fluid.
4. To screw in the screw of fastening of the brake cylinder and to tighten the moment 20 N · m.
5. To clamp not strongly the moment of 5 N · m a cap nut of the brake pipeline, a no-opportunity, an open cap key.
6. To install the brake drum and brake shoes.
7. To let out the air from the brake system (see subsection 7.12).