7.15. Brake pipeline and brake hose

In the brake system connection of the main brake cylinder with brakes of wheels is provided with brake hoses and tubes.

Brake hoses provide flexible connection between rigidly fixed and mobile details of cars.


1. To install the car on a trestle.
2. To disconnect the brake pipeline from cap nuts and to remove.
3. To close connection of the pipeline in the direction to the main cylinder a suitable stopper or to exhaust before brake fluid from a broad tank a pear.
4. To arrange the brake pipeline, no-opportunities, on the old place.
5. If it is necessary, to replace a brake hose on the brake mechanism (saddle). It is necessary to remove the brake mechanism before.
6. To establish a new brake hose. To arrange so that it sagged without twisting and to tighten the moment 15 N · m.
7. To establish the hoses resolved by the plant.
8. After installation at not loaded wheel (the car is lifted) to check whether the hose answers all movements of a wheel and whether rubs in any places.


Not to allow hit on a hose of oil or gasoline, not to varnish and not to cover with protection of the bottom.

9. To let out the air from the brake system.
10. To remove the car from supports.