7.4. Elimination of scratches of disk brakes

1. To remove brake shoes.
2. To clean brake shoes and the brake mechanism the soft metal brush or rags moistened in gasoline.


Not to inhale brake dust!

3. To apply Plastilube paste or heat-resistant lubricant, for example: "Liqui Moly LM-508-ASC" on the following places:
  – all available places of back parts of plates of brake shoes;
  – face part of pistons;
  – surface of a prileganiye of brake support;
  – surfaces of sliding of brake mechanisms (saddles).


Lubricant should not get on the surface of friction of a brake disk or brake shoes. Whenever possible, to remove the remains of the got lubricant with rags, if necessary – to clean gasoline.

4. To establish brake shoes.