7.5. Check of thickness of brake disks

1. To weaken wheel bolts. The car costs on wheels.
2. To mark the provision of a disk concerning a nave with paint to establish the balanced wheel in former situation.
3. To install the car on supports.
4. To remove a wheel.
5. To measure thickness of a brake disk. At the plants use for this purpose a special template or a micrometer as at wear of a disk the fillet is formed. It is possible to measure thickness of a brake disk and an ordinary caliper. In this case, on both sides of a brake disk it is necessary to establish the corresponding thickness of laying.
6. To receive the exact thickness of a brake disk, it is necessary to subtract thickness of laying from the measured size.


To perform measurement in several places.

7. The sizes of a brake disk are given in subsection 7.2.
8. To replace always two brake disks even if only one of disks reached limit of wear.
9. At big risks or furrows deeper to replace 0,5 mm a brake disk.