8.4. Replacement of wheels

Scheme of replacement of wheels

As forward tires wear out much stronger, it is recommended to replace forward wheels with back. At the same time they will have approximately identical service life.

To replace wheels not separately, and bridges. At the same time wheels with a bigger depth of a protector are always established in front. On all 4 wheels to install tires of identical type and, to a no-opportunity, the identical drawing of a protector.


During the replacing and removal of tubeless tires it is necessary to replace, proceeding from safety conditions, also rubber gate.

At an inhaling of bolts of wheels it is necessary to use a dynamometer key always. It reaches their uniform inhaling.

1. For protection against corrosion to grease centering landing of rims on naves of wheels in front and behind. At each removal of the corresponding wheel to use lubricant for rolling bearings.
2. Aluminum rims are protected from corrosion by a colourless varnish covering. When replacing wheels to look that the protective layer was not damaged, otherwise again to cover with a colourless varnish of the place of damage.
3. To clear the polluted bolts. To replace if the carving is damaged or a zakorrodirovana.
4. To clamp bolts of wheels cross-wise in stages.


Not to allow a unilateral or uneven inhaling of bolts of wheels. The inhaling moment for all bolts of wheels makes 160 N · m.