8.7. Spare wheel

The spare wheel is behind, under the bottom of the car and is fixed by the arm which is leaning back down. At removal of an arm by all means to carry out the given sequence of operations. Otherwise the arm can fall down that injury-causing!


1. To unscrew a safety bolt (V) until it does not cease to get out. The bolt has a safety lock and cannot be removed.
2. To unscrew up to the end a bolt of fastening (And). The arm of a spare wheel in this case lies on a safety bolt (In).
3. To establish a wheel key from the onboard tool in arms.
4. To raise a little wheel key and to shift to the right. The head of a safety bolt passes through an arm now. To cast away an arm down and to take out a wheel.


1. To insert a wheel key into an arm.
2. To put a spare wheel with a wheel key from above on an arm, to lift an arm up and to suspend on a safety bolt.
3. To remove a wheel key.
4. To tighten in the beginning slightly a bolt of fastening (A), then a safety bolt (In). Then to clamp both bolts.


Proceeding from safety conditions, it is allowed to move only with reliably screwed arm of a spare wheel.