8.8. Wrong wear of tires

Wear of edge of the tire

Sawtooth wear of a protector

On forward wheels a little bigger wear of edge of tires in relation to the middle of a protector is normal, and, because of a roadbed inclination wear of the edge of the tire showing roads on the middle (the left wheel – outside, the right wheel – from within), has to be expressed much stronger.

Uneven wear of tires is a consequence (most often) of too low or too high pressure of air in tires, the wrong adjustment of wheels or disbalance, and also bad operation of shock-absorbers.

Sawtooth wear of a protector indicates, as a rule, a car overload.

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the ordered pressure in tires, to check pressure in tires every fourth week (monthly).

To check pressure only on cold tires. Pressure in tires during the movement at great speed, as a result of heating, increases. However it is absolutely wrong to let out the air from heated tires.

With too high pressure in tires the middle of a protector wears out stronger as tires as a result of high internal pressure are curved in a middle part of a protector stronger.

With too low pressure in tires, wheels lean on edges of protectors more, and their middle part caves in inside. At the same time there is a wear of edges of protectors.

The wrong adjustment and disbalance of wheels conduct to typical the wear of protectors specified in diagnostics of malfunctions of wheels (see subsection 8.9).