9.17.6. Additional heat exchanger

Removal of an additional motor and radiator of a heater

1. A lattice, in salon

2. Laying

3. Additional radiator

4. Supply of cooling liquid

5. Return of cooling liquid

The additional radiator of a heater is under the car bottom at height of a sliding door. Work is similar to forward heating: the motor soaks up clean air (sideways over a footboard near a sliding door) through a lattice.

Air via the heat exchanger washed by hot cooling liquid, and the deflector moves in a back part of salon. Inflow of cooling liquid to a radiator is regulated by the valve operated by a flexible rope.


1. To merge cooling liquid (see subsection 2.16.3).
2. To disconnect the plug from a heater motor.
3. To remove connecting hoses near a radiator (3), having weakened collars in the beginning and having pressed hoses suitable clips that cooling liquid (see rice did not follow. Removal of an additional motor and radiator of a heater).
4. To take out the deflector (1) in salon. To take out a sealant (2).
5. To unscrew screws of fastening of a radiator.


1. To screw a radiator and to install the deflector.
2. To connect and fix by collars hoses of cooling liquid.
3. To add cooling liquid and to let out the air from the cooling system (see subsection 2.16.3).


When replacing a radiator to replace cooling liquid anyway.