9.17.8. Diagnostics of malfunctions of system of heating

The heater motor does not work
The heater motor electric motor safety lock is faulty
To check a motor safety lock, if necessary to replace
The heater motor switch is faulty, zakorrodirovat contacts
To check presence of tension on the heater motor electric motor. If is not present, to remove the switch of a motor and to check. To clean connections
Graphitic brushes of a motor are worn-out
To check presence of tension on contact of a motor at the included ignition and the switch. In the presence to remove the engine, to check, if necessary to replace graphitic brushes
The motor does not work only at one step
Preliminary resistance is faulty
To replace a connecting payment
Heating is not switched off by adjusting levers of heating
The flexible rope of the valve of heating is damaged or disadjusted
To adjust flexible ropes or to replace
Heating is not enough
Low level of cooling liquid
To check the level of cooling liquid, if necessary to add
The thermostat of cooling liquid is faulty
To check the thermostat of cooling liquid, if necessary to replace
Noise in the field of a motor
Penetration of dirt, foliage
To remove a motor, to clean. To clean an air duct
The wheel of the fan is debalanced, the bearing is faulty
To remove a motor and to check ease of the course