9.3. The forward closing beam

The forward closing beam is screwed and, in case of damage during accident or repair, can be easily removed.


1. To remove the lower protection (protection) of a motor compartment.
2. To remove a front bumper.
3. To unscrew on the right and at the left the combined six-sided bolts (1). Then to cast away forward a radiator with a cowl cover lock support.
4. To remove a protection of the closing beam (2) with sleeves (3) from pins (4).
5. To unscrew headlights and indexes of turns on both sides of the car (shooter) and to take out. To disconnect the electroplug.
6. To pick up a radiator a cable to the crane or a waist and to pull a cable.
7. To take out pins from expansion clips (arrow) on the right and at the left and to take out expansion clip-on earrings from radiator arms.
8. To raise a few radiator the crane up. Not to disconnect hoses.
9. To unscrew the closing beam (1) together with support of headlights (2).


When collecting bolts to tighten the moment of 8 N · m, not stronger.

10. To disconnect fastening of an electrical wiring from the closing beam.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return dismantling.