9.5. Back door

Back door of a luggage carrier

1. Back door
2. Crosswise screw, 20 N · m
3. Hinge
4. Sealing plate
5. Remote plate
6. Six-sided nut
7. Lock drive
8. The directing pin
9. Screw, 10 N · m
10. Stopper
11. Screw, 20 N · m
12. Draft
13. Lock
14. Six-sided screw, 20 N · m
15. Hollow pin
16. Cylindrical lock


1. To remove an internal covering (2), to unscrew for this purpose a face six-sided key of a clip (3). At the subsequent assembly of a clip not to screw in, and just to press (1 – a door).
2. To disconnect heating of back glass, illumination of registration plate if there is an electric motor of the janitor and the central lock and to take out conducting from a trunk lid.
3. To prop up a cover or to use assistance for support.
4. To disconnect the gas shock-absorber of a door of a luggage carrier.
5. To unscrew crosswise screws of hinges and to remove a luggage carrier door.


1. Installation is carried out in the return sequence.
2. To tighten crosswise screws of hinges the moment of 20 N · m.