9.6.1. Adjustment of a door of a luggage carrier

1. The door needs to be adjusted if she not absolutely correctly sits in a body, or after installation new.
2. Adjustment is made by weakening of screws of fastening of hinges and moving of a door. Hinges have big diameters of openings, than diameters of screws of fastening, the hinge it is possible to shift.
3. For adjustment of the sizes of grooves to weaken crosswise screws of hinges on a body, without unscrewing. In order that it was possible to reach screws, to remove consolidation of a door and a covering on a longitudinal bar of a cover.
4. To adjust the sizes of grooves moving of a door of a luggage carrier.
5. In the lower part of a door it is necessary to make adjustment of a lock wedge (a castle part of a body). For this purpose so to weaken a lock wedge that it it was possible to get moving forward with effort. Weakening of screws requires a face six-sided key on 6 mm. To close a door of a luggage carrier and to adjust. Then carefully to open a door and to tighten a lock wedge two screws the moment of 20 N · m.
6. For the best control of movement to outline a lock wedge a felt-tip pen.
7. To press rubber of a door and a covering.