9.7.2. Internal covering of a door

Covering of a forward door

1. Forward door
2. Lock washer
3. Consolidation
4. Noise absorber
5. Deaf rivet nut
6. Covering
7. Handle
8. Screw
9. Cover
10. Lock button
11. Socket
12. Clip
13. Internal drive of a door
14. Ware box of a door
15. Cover
16. Crosswise screw, 4 N · m
17. Window handle
18. Lining
19. Crosswise screw
20. Crosswise screw
21. Intermediate laying


1. To lower glass down.
2. To unscrew above, on the right and at the left the crosswise screw (20) and a clip (12) – see rice. Covering of a forward door.
3. To shift down a window handle cover (it is specified by an arrow) and to remove it.
4. To unscrew the screw with a gear washer on an overlay of the handle of a window, to remove the window handle together with a lining. To notice situation for the subsequent assembly.
5. To remove the handle (7). To uncover for this purpose (9) and to turn out the screw (8) which is under it – see rice. Covering of a forward door.
6. To lift up a covering (1) together with internal consolidation of a window (2) and to take out from basic openings. At the same time it is necessary to apply force.


1. Before installation of a covering to establish in basic openings intermediate laying 3 (see fig. above).
2. To establish a covering in the return to removal an order.
3. At installation of the handle of a window not to forget laying.
4. To install the handle on an axis so that at the closed window she specified forward up approximately under 25 ° (a) in the direction of the movement of the car.