9.7.6. Consolidation of a door


1. To remove the internal coverings adjoining on consolidation of a door.
2. To reach the top screw of fastening of a covering of a rack In (a rack In: the second rack of a roof, considering in front, the bearing support of a maple stopper of a door), to cast away covering hooks in the beginning outside down, then to take out.
3. To weaken the lower fastenings of a seat belt and to shift a covering a little aside.
4. To remove consolidation of a door from a body. Rubber consolidations of doors are simply got.


1. To fix consolidation of a door on a body cut.
2. In case of the being available thinnesses to apply on body fillets the usual sealing weight which is available on sale for sealing of thinnesses of a body before to establish consolidation.
3. To establish a covering.