9.8.1. Removal and installation of a movable door


1. To unscrew the crosswise screw (1) and to take out the closing detail (2) from the directing tire (outside on a body).
2. To unscrew the screw (2) from within on a movable door and to remove an average emphasis (1).
3. To unscrew the screw (1) on a footboard and to remove the limiter of a door (2).
4. To open up to the end movable door, having taken out at the same time a guide of rollers from the directing tire (shooter).
5. To lower a movable door in a forward part so that it was possible to take out the top guide of rollers from the directing tire.
6. With assistance to shift a door in the opposite direction so that the hinged font (1) slipped out the directing tire (2).


1. Installation is made upside-down.
2. To tighten screws the moment of 20 N · m.