9.9. Back double-wing door

Back double-wing door (special equipment)

1. Back right swing door
2. Nozzle
3. The screw with an internal hexagon
4. Top rotary and cap lock
5. Top lock bar
6. Lock button
7. Socket
8. External handle of a door
9. Screw
10. The combined screw
11. Lock bar
12. Driving lock
13. Driving bar
14. Internal drive
15. Persistent bar
16. Rivet
17. Lower rotary and cap lock
18. Six-sided screw
19. Lower lock bar
20. Electric motor of janitors
21. The screw with an internal hexagon
22. Washer
23. Six-sided screw
24. Laying
25. Lower hinge
26. Screw
27. Door limiter


The description concerns a back right swing door. Removal of a back left swing door – mirror.

1. To take out a cap (1) in the direction of an arrow: it means, to press in the beginning back, then to remove. To unscrew clip-on earrings (3) a key with an internal hexagon and to remove a covering (2).
2. If are available, to disconnect an electrical wiring of the janitor, heating of glass and the central lock and to take out from a swing door.
3. To unscrew screws with an internal hexagon (1) from the top and lower hinges.
4. To unhook the limiter of a door (shooter) and to remove a swing door.


Installation is made upside-down.