1.14. Protection of the bottom and preservation of half shafts

Back niches of wheels, and also longerons in the field of a door of the driver are covered with protection of the bottom of PUC. The areas subject to blows of stones, for example, in the field of rotation of forward wheels, are in addition covered with an elastic varnish. Cavities in a back part of a body are covered with special wax. Besides, parts of a body subject to corrosion are made of a galvanized tin. Before cold season and after a sink of the bottom it is necessary to check protection of the bottom and, as necessary, to carry out preservation.

From wheels on the bottom dust, clay, sand can fly and there to be postponed. Removal of the similar deposits mixed in winter time also with salt, especially important.

Preservation of a cowl is necessary for prevention of corrosion in a forward part of the car (for example, side parts, longitudinal beams or a forward part of a body) and driving units. With inclusion of parts of the brake system, elements of the forward bridge and steering to spryskivat a cowl high-quality conservation wax after a wash of the engine.


Before a wash of the engine to cover the generator and a broad tank of the brake system with a polyethylene film. The bearing of the generator though is protected from water, however when cleaning danger of leaching by the additives dissolving lubricant is a vapor jet. Emergence of noise in the bearing or even its exit out of operation can become a consequence of it. After putting wax to clean all hinges and to grease with MoS2 paste.