1.15. Care of a soft upholstery

Fabric upholstery

The fabric upholstery is brushed by the vacuum cleaner or not too soft. Fat and oil spots are processed by gasoline or stain remover. Cleaner, however, cannot be poured out directly on the polluted site of material as smudges are noticeable after that. Process, beginning roundabouts with outer side of a spot and moving ahead in a spot. Other pollution, mostly, are removed warm soap water. To delete strong pollution of a woven upholstery with dry foam.

Upholstery from imitation leather

This upholstery possesses the low-soiled surface. Does not demand special conditioning agents. At usual pollution use the following types of cleaning: the alkaline soap solution prepared from water mix with usual soft detergent, and also the solution prepared from water mix with usual means for cleaning of imitation leather. The soft brush facilitates removal of pollution from skin folds.