1.18. Installation of the machine on supports

When carrying out many works the car needs to be installed on supports or to lift highly. At the plants, as a rule, the car is lifted a lifting platform. However it can be raised also machine or factory jacks. It is possible to raise the car, establishing a jack only in the points specified in drawings.

At work under car if it is not necessary on a lifting platform to establish it on supports.

Not to work at all under machine if it is insufficiently reliably fixed.

1. Jacks for lifting the car need to be established only in the points provided below. Otherwise it will not be possible to avoid deformation of the car.
2. In front under a cross beam.
3. Behind under a basic rack of a back rotary fist.
4. Cars with short base can be raised also in reference points on an intensifying leaf of a longitudinal beam. Anyway the car should not be loaded.
5. Support for an onboard jack are designated on the lower longeron by prints (arrow).


Working from a sliding door, to pay attention to that the fist of a machine jack did not take a sliding door.

6. At the lorry to establish a jack behind under a basic rack of a rotary fist (triangular marking).
7. Wheels which at rise remain on a surface to fix by wedges from rolling forward or back. Not to rely only on the tightened emergency brake which when carrying out some works can weaken.
8. To lift the car on a plain firm surface.


If the car rises on soft soil, to enclose under a jack and supports wide boards for distribution of weight to the general surface.

9. In order to avoid damage of a body it is recommended to enclose rubber or a tree between a jack and a body.
10. To lift the car only in not loaded state.


Not to lift and not to install the car on supports for the engine, the transmission, the forward or back bridge at all. Never to start the engine by the raised car and not to include transfer if at least one driving wheel rests against the road.