1.2. System of a sink and purification of glasses

Rubber petals are replaced in case they leave strips on glass. In retail chain stores it is possible to get both janitors with the established rubber petals, and separate rubber petals. When replacing a rubber petal do not bend the janitor.


1. To lift the lever of the janitor and to establish the janitor horizontally.
2. To press a spring clip (A) and to displace the janitor (V) down, having unhooked the lever.
3. To displace the janitor up and to remove from the lever.
4. To squeeze pincers both steel tires on the closed party of the janitor and to take out aside from the top clips. To take out a rubber petal together with steel tires from the remained janitor's clips.


1. To establish freely in one clip of the janitor a new rubber petal without steel tires.
2. To enter both tires into a rubber petal so that cuts of tires indicated rubber and rubber noses entered fillets.
3. To compress pincers together rubber and both steel tires and to insert into other clip so that clip noses on both sides entered flutes (shooter) of a rubber petal.
4. To insert the janitor into the lever and to latch a spring clip in a lever hook.
5. To cast away the lever into place. To pay attention to density of a prileganiye of a rubber petal to glass on all length.