1.5. Water pomp of a sink of glasses


1. To switch off ignition and the lever of inclusion to include a sink. If water on a windshield is not sprayed, to disconnect the plug.
2. To connect tension indicator to both contacts of the plug.
3. To include ignition and to switch off a sink. The indicator has to show tension of the rechargeable battery (12 V). Otherwise to check conducting according to the electrical circuitry (see subsection 10.20.25, subsection 10.20.26).


1. To disconnect the plug.
2. To disconnect hoses of water jets of a sink of headlights (A), water jets of a sink of a windshield (V) and back glass (C) and to stop up with suitable traffic jams.


If the water pomp is replaced, new has to be already prepared.

3. To take out a pomp from a spare tank and to close an opening in a tank a thumb.
4. To establish a new pomp in laying. At the same time a small amount of liquid follows.
5. To put on the plug.
6. To check work of a water pomp.