1.6. Diagnostics of malfunctions of janitors

Mucous traces on glass
Rubber is polluted To clean rubber petals a rigid nylon brush and the washing water means or alcohol
The rubber fringe, rubber cracked or wore out To replace rubber petals
Rubber grew old, cracked To replace rubber petals
The sinks which remained later the remains of water gather in drops on glass
The windshield is polluted by polish or oil To clean glass pure rags and a cleaner oil - silicone spots
The janitor cleans on the one hand well, with another it is bad, rumbles
Change of a form of rubber on the one hand of the janitor "does not overturn any more" To establish new rubber petals
The janitor's lever is twisted, the janitor costs slantwise concerning glass It is careful to correct the janitor's lever to normal situation
Dirty surfaces
The rubber petal slipped out the janitor To establish a rubber petal into place
The janitor unevenly adjoins to glass To replace a rubber petal. This malfunction arises most often at the wrong installation of a rubber petal
The janitor's lever is badly pressed by the janitor to glass To slightly oil hinges and springs or to install the new lever of janitors