1.8. Care of a varnish covering


It is whenever possible more often to process the pure washed-up varnish surface the preserving means to protect its wax layer smoothing a time and pushing away water from influence of the environment.

To delete the fuel which got on a varnish, oil, fat or brake fluid immediately, otherwise the varnish will fade.

Preservation needs to be repeated as soon as water ceases to make a start from a varnish and to gather in drops, and on the contrary – forms big pools. Regular preservation keeps gloss of a varnish longer.

The second possibility of preservation of a varnish is use of special preservative after a wash of the machine which rather well protects a varnish covering only if no more than 2-3 weeks are put after each sink with frequency between 2 sinks.

To use only a lakokonservant with the content of synthetic wax or a karnaub.

After a sink detergent (shampoo) processing by the preserving means is especially necessary (to observe recommendations about application).

It is impossible to make preservation right in the sun.


Polishing of a varnish covering is required only when the varnish, owing to insufficient leaving, under the influence of road dust, the industrial fulfilled gases, the sun and a rain, became unattractive and even after processing by preservative does not gain former gloss. It is necessary to abstain from strong grinding and strong chemical means even if they after the first attempt will yield good result.

After each polishing it is necessary to wash purely the car and to dry up carefully. Besides, to observe instructions on application of polishing means.

It is necessary to process not really big surfaces, in order to avoid premature drying of polish. After application of some polishing means preservation is necessary. Not to polish right in the sun! Not to polish the opaque, not varnished parts. Aluminum parts of a body of special leaving do not demand.

Removal of bituminous spots

Bituminous spots eat in a varnish within a short period of time and after that cannot be completely removed. Fresh bituminous spots are removed gasoline and a soft rag. In emergency cases it is possible to remove spots with fuel from a tank, kerosene or turpentine. Very well the lakokonservant helps against bituminous spots. After its application it is possible not to wash the car.

Removal of traces from insects

The remains of insects contain biomaterial which can damage a varnish covering if they are not in due time removed. Only sometimes they do not manage to be removed with water and a sponge. Then it is necessary to apply weak warm soap solution or detergent. There is also special means for removal of traces from insects.

Removal of construction and cement pollution

To delete splashes of any construction material with warm neutral detergent. Not to rub strongly in order to avoid damage of a varnish. After a sink carefully to wash out clear water.