10.8. Sound signal

Depending on equipment of VW T4 has a single-channel or two-tone sound signal which are in a motor compartment under a bumper. When pressing the switch of a sound signal on a steering wheel – the chain becomes isolated. At models with a two-tone sound signal, for reduction of loading on contact, the relay is installed. In both versions, on the plug 15 of a sound signal tension constantly moves. The button of a sound signal closes a chain on weight.


1. To disconnect the plug, having pressed at the same time side wire brackets. To unscrew nuts of fastening and to take out a sound signal.
2. By means of additional wires to connect a sound signal directly to the rechargeable battery. The sound signal has to work.
3. It is possible to try to restore the faulty or badly working signal rotation of the adjusting screw (shooter) the screw-driver-torks, the T20 size, on a reverse side. Before it is necessary to remove sealing weight from a screw head. After adjustment to apply sealing body weight on a screw head again, having protected it from moisture hit.