3. Coupling

1. A flywheel – the surface of friction of frictional slips has to be not fat, not greasy, without рисок. To pay attention to reliability of fastening of the directing pins
2. A bolt – the inhaling moment: 6 N · m 1/4 turns (90 °) dozatyazhka. Always to replace bolts new, greasing new screws with preservatives. Dozatyazhka can be made in stages
3. The conducted clutch plate – to pay attention to situation at installation, the spring separator specifies on press a disk
4. Press disk
5. A bolt, 20 N · m – to tighten alternately, cross-wise


Vents of a nave of an otnikelirovana and lubricant it is not required.

Coupling switching off mechanism
1. Transmission
2. The spherical pin, 25 N · m – to grease with MoS2 lubricant
3. A round ring – to replace always
4. A sealing ring of a power shaft – to insert against the stop
5. The directing sleeve – in the field of the bearing of inclusion to grease with MoS2 lubricant
6. The lock plate – to fix on the coupling switching off lever
7. Bolt, 15 N · m
8. Coupling switching off lever
9. The release bearing – the bearing not to wash out, only to wipe. To replace the rustling bearing. To grease places of a prileganiye to the lever of switching off with MoS2 lubricant
10. Bolt, 25 N · m
11. Working cylinder of coupling
12. Mechanical drive of coupling
13. A pusher – the end of a pusher to grease with MoS2 lubricant
14. An assembly pin – the lock lever of switching off of coupling at assembly of the transmission. If there is no pin near at hand, to use the M8x22 screw. After assembly of the transmission to take out

Hydraulic drive of coupling
1. A connecting plate with a bearing arm
2. Coupling pedal
3. Main cylinder
4. Connection of the main cylinder on a bearing arm
5. Bolt, 20 N · m
6. Basic finger
7. Stopper
8. Hollow connecting nut, 20 N · m.
9. Working cylinder
10. Bolts, 25 N · m
11. The valve of production of air – to let out the air from the hydraulic device, only the device for production of air from the brake system. Working pressure max. – 2,5 bars
12. Dustproof cap
13. Pressure hose
14. Hose arm
15. A washer – with a big internal diameter. Camber towards pressure pipeline
16. Plug
17. A washer – with a small internal diameter, camber towards pressure pipeline
18. Pressure pipeline
19. The arm – holds pressure hose on a forward wall
20. Bolt
21. Nozzle
22. Hose
23. Hose nozzle
24. Tank of brake fluid


Not to squeeze out a coupling pedal after removal of the cylinder.

Mechanical drive of coupling

1. A connecting plate with a bearing arm
2. Coupling pedal
3. Rope of coupling with the adjusting mechanism
4. Laying
5. The supporting bracket
6. A bolt of fastening of a lock bracket on a radiator
7. Rubber shock-absorber
8. Support of a rack (transmission)
9. Sealing cuff
10. Bolt, 25 N · m
11. The drive case with the lever
12. The safety washer – to establish about 8 mm from the end of a pusher
13. The washer – to replace always, has to move freely
14. A gear ring – to replace always. To beat out through a washer a suitable thorn. Previously to disconnect a pusher. At installation to hammer carefully. At the same time the convex party has to point to the case. To pay attention to that the washer 13 remained free
15. Washer
16. Spring
17. A pusher – to establish after installation of a gear ring 14 and washers 13