6.1. General data

Steering consists of a steering wheel, a steering column, gear laths of the steering mechanism, cross steering drafts and the power steering (the 5-cylinder engine).

The steering wheel is fixed from above a steering column which transfers the movement of a wheel to the steering mechanism. In the steering mechanism the gear lath, depending on turn of a wheel, moves to the right or to the left. The cross steering drafts attached to a lead of a gear lath transfer steering effort to both cases of bearings of wheels and consequently, and on wheels.

Rack management legkopodvizhno also is bezzazorny from an emphasis against the stop. It does not demand repair. Only it is necessary to check tightness of sealing cuffs.

The steering drive at cars with the 5-cylinder engine (at 4-cylinder as additional equipment) is facilitated by the hydraulic power steering. The hydraulic power steering (servoupravleniye) provides the minimum effort enclosed to a car wheel.

The power steering consists of the oil pump, a tank and oil pipelines. The pump is set in motion by a gear belt. The pump takes away hydraulic oil from a tank and gives it under high pressure to the valve case. The valve is in the steering mechanism. It is mechanically connected to a steering column and distributes oil, depending on turn of a wheel, in the corresponding working cylinder. Oil presses on the piston of a gear lath and transfers thereby the movement of a wheel. At the same time the piston squeezes out oil on the other side of the working cylinder, through a flute of the return giving of the locking valve on the pipeline of the return giving in an accumulative tank again.


Welding and leveling works on components of steering are inadmissible.