6.2. Steering wheel


1. To remove by hand a protective cover.
2. To disconnect an electrical wiring from a protective cover.
3. To turn a steering wheel and to establish wheels directly.
4. To turn a steering wheel before operation of the steering lock.
5. To unscrew a fastening nut a face key on 24 mm.
6. To wedge the steering lock and again to establish wheels directly.
7. To notice the provision of a wheel by means of a felt-tip pen. For this purpose to draw a line on a wheel and a face part of a steering column.
8. To remove a steering wheel.


1. To put on a wheel a steering column according to marking. Before installation to check whether there is a switch of indexes of turns on average situation. Otherwise the cam of return to average position of the switch of indexes of turns will be damaged.
2. To establish a washer and a six-sided nut.
3. To close the wheel lock.
4. To tighten a nut the moment of 70 N · m.
5. After installation to make a control run. At the movement of the car in the direct direction of a spoke of a steering wheel have to stand horizontally. If necessary to rearrange a wheel.
6. To connect an electrical wiring to a protective cover, paying attention at the same time to designations (+) and (-) on a steering wheel and a protective cover.
7. To insert a protective cover.
8. To check work of a sound signal and return of the switch of indexes of turns to neutral situation.