6.5. Production of air from a control system

Power steering pump

1. Screw, 35 N · m
2. Screw, 29 N · m
3. Maple belt
4. Tension roller
5. Belt pulley of a maple belt
6. Remote sleeve
7. Screw, 40 N · m
8. Arm
9. Pipeline of the return giving
10. Intaking pipeline
11. Arm
12. Screw, 10 N · m
13. Hose clip
14. Jellied tank
15. Hollow screw, 40 N · m
16. Laying
17. Power steering pump
18. Cap screw, 30 N · m
19. Sensor of pressure, 15 N · m
20. Round sealing ring
21. Screws, 20 N · m
22. Cooling pipeline

It is necessary to let out the air from system always if pipelines were disconnected or in system oil was completely filled in.


Repeatedly not to fill in the merged hydraulic oil. To fill in only new hydraulic VW oil.

1. If hydraulic oil is replaced, to thoroughly wash out the filter in pure gasoline.
2. To fill in hydraulic oil in a broad tank to a tag the MOVE.
3. To install the car on supports.
4. At the stopped engine to turn a wheel repeatedly against the stop to the right and to the left, at the same time air has to go out of the cylinder.
5. To add hydraulic oil to a tag the MOVE.
6. To establish wheels directly and to remove the car from a trestle.
7. To start the engine and to leave to work at single turns, observing at the same time oil level in a broad tank. If level falls, to add oil until level does not become constants and will be established on mark MOVE.
8. At the working engine to rotate a wheel to the right-to the left against the stop until to stop allocation of bubbles in a broad tank.