9. Body

VW T4 has the self-bearing steel body. The bottom, a roof, wings and side parts are welded with each other by spot welding. Therefore big damages of a body can be eliminated only on HUNDRED. At cars with a platform platform body with a frame.

The cowl cover, trunk lid, and also doors are screwed and are easily replaced. At installation it is necessary to maintain the correct gaps. It means that the distance between parts of a body on all length of a crack has to be identical, otherwise, for example, the door rattles or emergence of the increased noise of wind is possible during the movement.

Security measures when carrying out welding works

When carrying out welding or other works with sparking near the rechargeable battery, it is obligatory to remove it.

On details of the air conditioning system it is impossible neither to weld, nor to solder. It belongs also to a welding ludilnym to works by car and in case there is a danger of heating of parts of the conditioner. When carrying out repair paint and varnish work object temperature in the drying furnace or in a zone of preliminary heating should not exceed +80 °C.