3.2. Removal, installation and check of coupling


1. To remove the transmission (see subsection 4.2).
2. To weaken screws of fastening of a press disk consistently every time on 1–11/2 turns until press the disk weakens.


If screws are turned off at once, membrane clips can be damaged.

3. In order that the flywheel during weakening of screws did not rotate, to jam a flywheel VW3067 adaptation, the screw-driver or a thorn.
4. Then to unscrew screws absolutely.
5. To take out press and conducted clutch plates.


Not to let go and not to drop both disks at removal, otherwise at installation there can be difficulties connected with jamming of disks.

6. To remove the release bearing from the directing sleeve.


Only to wipe, not to wash out the bearing.

7. To wipe a flywheel with the rags moistened in gasoline.


1. To check press a disk for a podgoraniye and furrows.
2. To check membrane springs for breaks (arrows). Wear equal to a half of thickness of a membrane is allowed.
3. To check connection of springs between a cover and a press disk for cracks and reliability of rivet connections (arrow). To replace coupling with the damaged or weakened rivet connections.
4. To check a surface of a prileganiye of a press disk for cracks, traces of a podgoraniye and wear. The press disks bent inside to 0,2 mm can be established again. Check is made by a ruler and the petal probe.
5. To check a flywheel for places of podgoraniye and a furrow.
6. Made oily, greased or with mechanical damages to replace the conducted clutch plates.
7. To check the conducted disk for the sufficient thickness of frictional slips and lack of furrows.
8. Industrially the conducted disk can be checked for fight. Side fight of the conducted disk should not exceed 0,8 mm (measured at distance of 2,5 mm from the outer edge).

This check is necessary in case the old conducted disk at which coupling was insufficiently well switched off is established. If necessary the conducted disk can be aligned carefully.

9. To check the release bearing by hand. For this purpose slightly to squeeze the bearing and to twist. The bearing has to rotate easily, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

10. In the established state the faulty bearing proves noise at the squeezed-out coupling pedal. In this case to replace the bearing.



If new details are established, it is necessary to check compliance of a press disk and the conducted disk to alphabetic reference of the engine and number of the engine in which they will be established according to the catalog of spare parts.

1. Before installation of a new press disk it is obligatory to remove from the surface of sliding of the release bearing all conservation lubricant without the rest. In other places not to delete lubricant at all as it considerably will reduce coupling service life.
2. To check reliability of fastening of the directing pins, a flywheel.
3. To establish the conducted disk and press a clutch plate on a flywheel. Press to establish a disk on the corresponding directing pins. The conducted disk has to be centered by a suitable thorn (for example, HAZET) or an old power shaft of a box before.

Otnikelirovana nave vents therefore not to grease them.

4. To clean from corrosion a power shaft, and at the old conducted nave vent disk and to grease with a thin layer of MoS2 lubricant of a vent only of a power shaft. In the workshops VW apply G 000 100 to this purpose. Then to move the conducted disk on driving to a shaft back and forth until it freely goes. It is obligatory to remove surplus of lubricant.
5. At installation of the conducted disk to pay attention to that the spring separator looked towards a press disk.
6. To screw in screws of fastening of a press disk and it is consecutive, every time on 1–1,5 turns to tighten a disk finally. Inhaling moment: 20 N · m. Press the disk cannot be warped as it can lead to damage of the directing pins and the aligning openings.

Press the disk has to adjoin to a flywheel completely. Only then to install fastening screws. Not to tighten at all, press a disk screws, otherwise centering openings of a press disk and centering pins of a flywheel will be damaged.

7. Then to remove a centering thorn.
8. To install the transmission (see subsection 4.2).