8.5. Rules of care of tires

The main rule says: wheels have so-called "memory" and the nonprofessional address, for example, frequent arrivals at great speed on obstacles in the form of curbstones, conducts, later a long time, to an exit of tires out of operation.

Cleaning of tires

Not to clean the tire a stream of hot steam under pressure. If the vapor jet is too close from the tire, then its rubber layer in only a few seconds will be destroyed. The wheel cleared thus, proceeding from safety conditions, needs to be replaced.

To replace a wheel which the long time adjoined to oil and fat. On these places the tire is inflated most quicker, however later again takes the form and looks intact. However the loading maintained by it decreases.

Storage of tires

Tires need to be stored in the cool, dry, dark place and whenever possible without drafts. Hit on them of oil and fat is excluded.

To store wheels in the lying or suspended for rims situation in a garage or the cellar. Before removal on storage to raise pressure in wheels (approximately by 0,3–0,5 bars).

Winter tires have to be installed on own rims as shift of tires will be more expensive.