2.10.2. Check of the directing valves

When carrying out repair work on the engine with untight valves it is not enough to process or replace valves. It is necessary to check wear of the directing cores of valves. Check on engines with a big run is especially important. If wear is big, it is necessary to replace or guides of cores (factory work) or a head of the block of cylinders.

1. To remove products of combustion with the cleaning foam.
2. To install the new valve. The lower part of a core of the valve has to adjoin to a guide.


Owing to distinction in sizes of cores and diameters of plates to insert only the inlet valve into a guide of the inlet valve and the final valve in a guide of the final valve.

3. To measure a gap. For this purpose at the VW plants use the special VW387 tool. Limit of wear of the inlet valve: 1,0 mm; final valve: 1,3 mm.
4. At too big gap it is necessary to replace guides industrially.