9.15. A back banquette for sitting

The back banquette occupies all width of the car. Cars from two-kabinnym execution under a banquette have a box for the tool. In this case it is possible to remove only the surface of sitting.

Removal of a normal banquette for sitting

1. To Rasstoporit a back of a banquette and to cast away on sitting.
2. To Rasstoporit a banquette and to overturn forward, fastening screws are visible now.
3. To unscrew six-sided screws (1) and to take out a triple banquette from the car.


Installation is carried out as it should be the return to removal.

At installation six-sided screws to tighten the moment of 35 N · m.

Removal of a banquette for sitting from the car of dvukhkabinny execution

1. To Rasstoporit a back banquette (1) the lock lever and to lift it up.
2. To extend a banquette forward against the stop.
3. To raise a banquette on the one hand until the directing pins (2) do not enter the top coulisse. In this situation the banquette is pressed to the external party of the car.
4. To take out up the opposite side of a banquette from the coulisse of the console of sitting and to take out a banquette on diagonal from the console of sitting (3).