9.4. Cowl cover


1. To unscrew 3 crosswise screws (2). It is careful to pick up and take out a lattice (1) (3 – expansion nuts).
2. To disconnect a hose from water jets of a sink of glass, to release from clips and to take out from a cowl cover.
3. Concerns cars with a noise absorber on a cowl cover: to open a cowl cover, to turn a clip (1) on 60 ° and to take out. To remove a noise absorber (2).
4. If is available, to disconnect the lighting lamp of a motor compartment.
5. To remove the lock of a cover (1). For this purpose to unscrew the crosswise screw (3) and the six-sided screw (2), to remove the lock and to disconnect a flexible rope of the drive of the lock from a cover.
6. If the cover of a cowl is established again, to outline a felt-tip pen of a head of screws of hinges, it will facilitate assembly.
7. To unscrew six-sided screws of hinges on the right and at the left, holding at the same time with assistance a cowl cover. To enclose in the beginning on the right and at the left rags not to damage varnishing.
8. To uncover a cowl.


1. To screw a cowl cover on hinges, without tightening strongly.
2. To close a cover of a cowl and to verify its situation.
3. To carefully open a cover of a cowl and to tighten screws of hinges.
4. To clamp a flexible rope in clip-on earrings and to put the lock.
5. To put on a hose water jets of a sink of a windshield and to arrange in a cowl cover.
6. If is available, to install the lighting lamp of a motor compartment and a noise absorber.
7. To establish a lattice (1) and to fix by screws (are specified by shooters).
8. To replace expansion nuts (3) (see fig. above).