9.17. System of heating

Device of system of heating

1. Cowl lattice
2. Forward inlet branch pipes
3. Laying
4. Back inlet branch pipes (on
to cross wall)
5. Right air duct
6. Guard of devices
7. Right air deflector
8. Heater fan switch
9. Guard of management of a heater
10. Intermediate detail of defroster
11. Average air duct
12. Intermediate detail
13. Average air deflector
14. Heater motor
15. Preliminary resistance of a motor of a heater
16. Heater
17. Guard
18. The console of the air deflector in the driver's legs
19. Heating regulator
20. Heating ropes
21. Left air deflector
22. Left air duct
23. Defroster deflector
24. Adjusting valve
25. Hoses of cooling liquid
26. Clip of pipelines

Fresh air for heating you arrive salon through inlet branch pipes and a heater. At the same time air washes the case of the fan of a heater and via various gates is distributed to separate air deflectors. If heating is established on "Warn" – heat, then air is warmed up in a radiator. The heat exchanger is in a heater and is warmed up by hot cooling liquid. The passing air is warmed up on hot lamels (plates) of the heat exchanger and then comes to salon.

Heating (temperature in salon) is regulated by the valve which operates amount of the hot cooling liquid passing through the heat exchanger. Air gates and the valve of heating are run by levers by means of flexible ropes.

For strengthening of heating the four-stage motor of the fan of heating serves. In order that the fan of a heater rotated with various speed, resistance are connected. Resistance are on a connecting payment. At malfunction the connecting payment is replaced completely.

Depending on model, in a back part of salon there can be the second heat exchanger (or in a luggage carrier).

Special equipment

As heating at the idle engine and additional heating, are offered both water, and air and circulating heating. At desire it is possible to order the conditioner. Carrying out repair of these systems demands professional skills and factory devices therefore at malfunctions it is necessary to address on HUNDRED.