2.17.2. Remote control

Remote control is necessary for work which demand fuel supply by the electric fuel pump without operation of the engine.

The following details are necessary:

  – 1 push-button switch;
  – 1 crocodile (rechargeable battery, rather big for connection of a pole);
  – 1 portable safety lock: the case and a safety lock on 8 A;
  – 1 suitable flat plug which can be inserted into a safety socle in a box of safety locks, sideways from a guard of devices;
  – 1 strong wire of 1,5 mm2 and about 5 m long.


Before connection of remote control to check in a box of safety locks a safety lock 18.


1. To take out the relay of the fuel pump from a relay payment (the relay place No. 12).
2. To connect remote control by means of the flat plug to contact 4 relay places No. 12.
3. To connect remote control by means of a crocodile to a positive pole () the rechargeable battery.