2.18.2. Idling stabilization

Digifant control unit and lambda probe

1. Connection with weight
Is fixed on a body
2. Connecting plug. To disconnect the plug only at the switched-off ignition
3. Digifant control unit. The lambda adjustment, shift of the moment of ignition operates system of injection and ignition, the idling stabilization valve. An installation site – in a motor compartment at the left in the direction of the movement. After replacement of the control unit it is necessary to adjust a potentiometer of a butterfly valve on
new control unit
4. Shtekerny connection lambda probe and heating lambda probe. Installation site: on an arm of hinged units on the right in the direction of the movement. Lambda adjustment: contact (3 – lilac). A lambda probe to check giving of tension for heating at the working engine between contacts (1 – red/black) and (2 – brown). The required value: tension of the rechargeable battery (12 V). To check an ohmmeter white wires of heating a lambda probe on the plug a lambda probe
5. Lambda probe. Installation site: on a forward exhaust pipe near a flange. To grease a carving with VWG65 lubricant. Lubricant should not get to the shlitsevy area of the case a lambda probe
F – a vacuum hose to the backpressure valve of the amplifier of brakes.

Work check

1. To include ignition.
2. The valve (1) of stabilization of idling has to vibrate and buzz. If is not present, to check adjustment.
3. To switch off ignition.
4. To disconnect the plug from the valve and to check valve resistance. Resistance see in subsection 2.18.8.
5. If values do not correspond, to replace the valve. Otherwise to find and eliminate break in an electrical wiring to the control unit according to the electrical circuitry.

Adjustment check

1. Check conditions: temperature of engine oil not less than 80 °C, turns of idling are adjusted correctly. The system of absorption of air is tight.
2. To check current of management. For this purpose to connect the ampermeter.
3. To start the engine and to allow to work idling.
4. About 1 min. later three times "to give gas" (with turns every time is slightly higher than 3000 rpm) and to measure current on single turns. The required value see in subsection 2.18.8.
5. To disconnect the plug from the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid (shooter). To measure current (the required value see in subsection 2.18.8).
6. If conditions of check are met, and values do not coincide, then the Digifant control unit is, as a rule, faulty.
7. To interview memory and to erase record. As a result of a detachment of the plug (shooter) from temperature sensor, in memory malfunction was written down.


Current of control of the stabilizer of idling depends on engine loading in operating time of the engine idling. As a result of the following loadings current of management can fluctuate between 400–1000 мА:

  – cold engine;
  – the conditioner is switched on;
  – electroconsumers are included;
  – power steering: the wheel is turned;
  – the adjusting screw of turns of idling is screwed up against the stop;
  – wrong adjustment of the moment of ignition.