7.10. Adjustment of the emergency brake

Emergency brake

1. Top part of a covering
2. Lower part of a covering
3. Handle
4. Blocking removal button
5. Press spring
6. Spring sleeve
7. Lock bar
8. Stopper
9. Finger
10. Safety washer
11. Lever of the emergency brake
12. Six-sided nut
13. Gear segment
14. The nut, 25 N · m, self-protective to replace always
15. Support of the emergency brake
16. Rivet
17. Trailer switch
18. Rope of the emergency brake
19. Rope
20. Draft
21. Six-sided nut
22. Safety nut
23. Holder of a spring
24. Returnable spring
25. Holder

Thanks to automatic adjustment of back brakes, adjustment of the emergency brake is not required. New adjustment is necessary when replacing a rope or details of a brake.

1. To weaken completely the lever of the emergency brake in salon of the driver.
2. To remove both brake drums (see subsection 7.7).
3. The emergency brake is adjusted by an adjusting nut of a rope of the emergency brake. The nut is under the car bottom on the compensator of a rope of the emergency brake (it is specified by an arrow).
4. To tighten an adjusting nut until the lever of the emergency brake (it is specified by an arrow) on both brakes of back wheels does not rise on 2 mm of rather brake shoes.
5. To install brake drums (see subsection 7.7).


After adjustment of a back brake there is a little increased course of a hand and foot brake which during operation, during the work of a brake will decrease.