7.16. Regulator of brake forces

It is necessary to check operation of the regulator of brake forces if for braking it is necessary to put big effort to a brake pedal.


1. To vigorously squeeze out on the place at the idle engine a brake pedal not less than five times, then at the squeezed-out pedal of a brake to start the engine. The pedal under a leg has to move considerably down.
2. Otherwise to unscrew a vacuum hose from the amplifier of brakes, to start the engine. Having put a finger to the end of a vacuum hose to check whether there is a discharge.
3. If there is no discharge: to check tightness and absence of damage on a vacuum hose, if necessary, to replace. To tighten all collars. At petrol engines discharge is created in an inlet pipe of the engine which is attached sideways the engine.
4. To disconnect a vacuum hose from the vacuum pump and to check a finger availability of vacuum on the place of connection of a hose.
5. If necessary to replace the amplifier of brakes (with HUNDRED).