7.11. Brake fluid

At the treatment of brake fluid it is necessary to be careful.

Brake fluid is poisonous. Not to soak up it a mouth through a hose at all. To store brake fluid in capacities from which it, it is even casual will not be able to get to food.

Brake fluid has the corroding properties and therefore should not get on a varnish covering. At hit immediately to wipe and wash out a large amount of water.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, is saturated with water from air. Therefore to store in the closed capacities.

To use brake fluid in the brake system only once, not to reuse. Even at production of air from system to add fresh liquid.

Brake fluid of the specification: FMVSS 116 DOT-4.

Not to mix brake fluid with mineral oil. Even the insignificant content of mineral oil does brake fluid unsuitable or leads to failure of the brake system.

To replace brake fluid each 2 years, whenever possible, after cold season.