7.7. Brake drum


1. To weaken wheel bolts. The car costs on wheels.
2. To mark the provision of a disk concerning a wheel nave with paint in order that then to establish the balanced wheel in the former provision and the direction of swing.
3. To install the car on supports, to remove a back wheel.
4. To weaken the emergency brake
5. To unscrew the screw with an internal hexagon of the brake drum a key on 5 mm.
6. In order that it was possible to remove the brake drum, it is necessary to wring out brake shoes. For this purpose through an opening in a brake support to scroll the screw-driver a gear of automatic adjustment until brake slips adjoin more to the brake drum. The wheel has to rotate freely.
7. To remove the brake drum. If it is required, to remove a drum from a wheel nave a universal stripper.


1. To carefully clean the brake drum. To pierce a drum with traces of furrows. At the same time always to pierce both drums. Limit of wear see in subsection 7.2.
2. To make basic adjustment of brake shoes of a back wheel.
3. To install the brake drum and to fix by the screw with an internal hexagon.
4. To put a wheel, observing marking. To remove the car from a trestle and to tighten bolts cross-wise the moment of 160 N · m.


To repeatedly squeeze out a pedal of a foot brake at the weakened emergency brake. At the same time automatic adjustment establishes brake shoes in the necessary situation.