2.14.2. Security measures at the handling of electronic system of ignition

In electronic system of ignition tension of ignition reaches 30 kV (kilovolt). Under adverse conditions, for example, of dampness in a motor compartment, splashes in tension can punch isolation, contact with which is fraught with receiving an electroshock.

To avoid injuries and breakage of electronic system of ignition, it is necessary during the work by the cars equipped with electronic system of ignition to observe the following precautionary measures.

Before scrolling of the engine a starter (for example check of a compression) to switch off ignition and to disconnect the plug from Hall's sensor (on the ignition distributor).

At the working engine or rotation by its starter – not to touch by a hand of wires of high voltage.

To disconnect an electrical wiring of system of ignition only at the switched-off ignition.

To make connection and a detachment of wires of measuring devices (an ignition tachometer / tester) only at the switched-off ignition.

Not to connect to the plug 1 at all (-) the condenser of suppression of hindrances or a control lamp.

Start by means of the fast-charging device is allowed only for 1 minute with the maximum voltage of 16,5 V. After each attempt of start it is necessary to maintain 1 minute pause.

The coil of ignition cannot be changed for the coil of other execution. Not to install the ignition coil intended for contact system of ignition at all.

1 kOhm (designation R1) it is impossible to replace the ignition distributor runner with another, even for elimination of a radio noise.

For noise elimination to apply on wires of high voltage resistance only to 1 kOhm and tips of spark plugs 5 kOhm.

To disconnect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition, otherwise failure of the monitor of system of ignition and injection of fuel is possible.

To make a wash of the engine only at the switched-off ignition.


People, with the established warm stimulator, cannot carry out works on electronic system of ignition.