2.15.8. Oil consumption

The oil consumption in the internal combustion engine is meant as that oil which burns down in engine cylinders during its work. And by no means, as result of leak from thinnesses of the oil pallet, covers of a head of the block of cylinders, etc.

The normal expense of evaporation consists of its combustion in small amounts in engine cylinders; from removal of products of combustion and attrition. In addition oil wears out under the influence of high temperatures and pressure to which it is exposed in operating time of the engine.

Impact on a consumption of oil is exerted by also external service conditions, a driving manner, and also admissions at production of details. The consumption of oil should not exceed 1,0 l / 1000 km. It is obligatory to add oil if its level fell to a tag of "Nachfull" – a dozalivka (a dozalivka in this case no more than 1 l).


At cars with the catalyst to pay special attention to that oil of fields which case was not filled above the maximum tag of level of oil on the index of level of oil (the oil probe). Surplus of oil, in this case, as a result of incomplete combustion will get to the catalyst and completely will destroy it.