2.16.6. Electric fan thermal sensor

The thermal sensor needs to be checked if at the hot engine the fan does not turn on. Check condition: the thermostat of cooling liquid, a radiator and a stopper of the cooling system in serviceability.

The thermal sensor of the fan is on the right at the average height of a radiator (see rice. Radiator and fan). The thermal sensor has two steps of inclusion. At high temperature it turns on the fan on whole revolutions.


1. To check a safety lock No. 19, if necessary to replace.
2. To check, whether a hot radiator in the field of the thermal sensor.
3. To disconnect the plug from the thermal sensor. On the cable plug to connect the plug in the beginning (+) with the plug 1 (a red / black cable), the fan has to work at small turns. Then to connect the plug (+) with the plug 2 (a red / white cable), the fan has to work at big turns (cm. table 1). If the fan works in both cases, to replace the thermal sensor.
4. If the fan does not work or works only at one speed, to check conducting according to the electrical circuitry. To check contacts and reliability of connections, to check the inclusion relay, if necessary to replace.
5. Thermal sensor inhaling moment: 25 N · m.
6. To check operation of the new thermal sensor. To warm up the engine in the movement and to leave to idle, the electric fan will not turn on yet.

Table 1

Inclusion steps
Color of a cable
Temperature of inclusion, °C
red / black
84 ° – 89 °
76 ° – 83 °
red / white
90 ° – 95 °
82 ° – 89 °
red / brown