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1.17. Towage of the car

Towing eyes are in front of and behind cars under bumpers.

At towage to include ignition in order that the steering wheel did not jam and it was possible to use indexes of turn, a sound signal and, if necessary, janitors. As the amplifier of brakes works only at the working engine, at engines with the amplifier at the idle engine it is necessary to press a brake pedal stronger. At cars with the power steering it is necessary to put bigger effort as at the idle engine the power steering does not work to a wheel.

The towing cable has to be elastic. To apply only cables from artificial fibers or with elastic inserts.

In the absence of oil in the transmission the car can be towed only with the raised forward wheels.

Towage of cars with the automatic transmission

The lever of the choice of transfers has to be in situation "N".

Maximum speed of towage: 50 km/h! Maximum range of towage: 50 km!

At towage on long distances the front of the car has to be raised as at the idle engine the oil pump of the transmission therefore the box does not receive enough lubricant on high turns and long distances does not work.