10:10. Replacement of safety locks

Relay and safety locks

To prevent damage of wires or consumers as a result of short circuit or reloading, separate chains are protected by fuses. The applied safety locks comply with the raised technical requirements. They are equipped with knife contacts and cannot be replaced with the safety locks applied earlier. The relay and safety locks are in one box closed by a cover and which is to the left of a guard of devices.

1. To Rasstoporit a cover, having turned for this purpose the button on 90 ° (1/4 turns) to the left or to the right. To cast away a cover down.
2. Before replacement of a safety lock to switch off the corresponding consumer.
3. The burned-down safety lock is visible on the fused metal strip. The arrangement of the major safety locks is specified on a reverse side of a cover and in the maintenance instruction of the car.
4. To take out a faulty safety lock.
5. To establish the new safety lock calculated on the same current.
6. If through short time the new safety lock fuses, it is necessary to check the corresponding chain.
7. Not to establish a wire instead of a safety lock at all. It can lead to failure of the electrical system.
8. It is expedient to carry the spare safety locks calculated on various current in the car.
9. Nominal current (A) of a safety lock is squeezed out on a reverse side of a signature stamp (designation is specified by an arrow). Besides, the signature stamp has identification color by which it is also possible to determine nominal current.
10. To lift and close a cover.

Nominal current, And
Identification color