10:13. Light-emitting diodes

Check of light-emitting diodes


1. To connect a light-emitting diode to a source of a direct current of 1,8 V. The diode has to burn. In the established state (on a guard of devices) preliminary resistance which reduce tension of the rechargeable battery (12 V) up to 1,8 Century are connected.


To pay attention to the correct polarity. Minus the pole of a light-emitting diode is marked with a phase (1) on the case of the diode and a big pole (2) in the diode case. At some diodes minus connection is in addition bent.

2. At the plants for this purpose use a digital multimeter of VW-1315A. To press at the same time the buttons resistance and tension. To connect the red plug to direct, plus connection of the diode, the black plug to black, curved minus connection. The diode has to burn, otherwise it needs to be replaced.