10:17. Generator

The generator (the 4-cylinder diesel engine with 10/92, the 5-cylinder petrol engine with 10/91)

1. Arm
2. Six-sided nuts of M8, 30 N · m
3. 3-phase generator of alternating current
4. Tension regulator
5. Screws
6. Protective cap
7. MZ six-sided screws
8. Maple gear belt
9. A sleeve with a female thread of M8
10. A tension spring with the directing cap
11. Six-sided M8 screw, 25 N · m
12. Six-sided M8 screw, 25 N · m

VW T4 is equipped with the 3-phase generator of alternating current. Depending on model and equipment generators can be installed various power. Power is specified on the current plate on the generator.


If additional electric equipment is installed, it is necessary to check whether the power of the installed generator is sufficient. If necessary, to install the generator more powerfully.

The generator is set in motion from the crankshaft by a maple belt. At the same time the rotor with a winding of excitement rotates in a motionless winding of the stator with a speed twice exceeding the speed of rotation of the engine.

On graphitic brushes, a collector, a winding of excitement excitement current, forming magnetic field proceeds.

Position of magnetic field concerning a stator winding constantly changes, according to rotation of a rotor. At the same time in a winding of the stator alternating current is created.

As the rechargeable battery can be charged only with a direct current, alternating current via the diode rectifier will be transformed to constant. The regulator of tension changes charging current inclusion and switching off of current of excitement, according to a charging condition of the rechargeable battery. At the same time the regulator supports to constants working voltage about 14 V irrespective of engine turns.

Precautionary measures at the handling of the generator

During the works in the electrical system, in a motor compartment, always to disconnect a weight(s) cable from the rechargeable battery.

Not to confuse a cable of the regulator of tension and the generator. Before a detachment to mark cables with an adhesive tape.

Not to disconnect the rechargeable battery or the regulator of tension at the working engine.

Not to remove the generator at the connected rechargeable battery.

When carrying out electrowelding works by cars always to disconnect the rechargeable battery.