10.6. System of indexes of turns

The step of a blinking and the alarm system sets the relay. The alarm system is connected to the relay without safety lock. Indexes of turns have a safety lock in a box of safety locks.


If indexes of turn at one party work quicker, than for another, then on the "bystry" party the lamp of heat or break in a chain failed.

In all other cases, generally the relay is a cause of defect.

Connecting plugs of the relay of indexes of turn are marked:

 – the plug 31 is weight (minus, the general car in the electrical system);
 – the plug 49 – a relay entrance (plus is enclosed constantly), the plug 49a – a relay exit;
 – the plug C conducts to a control bulb on a guard of devices, in case of the hook-on device (additional equipment) there can be an additional C2 plug for a contrast lamp of the trailer.

1. If near at hand there is no new relay, to connect a thin wire the plug 49 and 49a.


Not to damage at the same time sensitive contacts of the relay. To bend the ends of a wire before connection that there were no keen edges. To install again the faulty relay. Its contacts are so long that allow to make it, contrary to a crossing point.

2. To include ignition. If now to include the index of turns, then the corresponding indexes of turn will light up constant light. Including-switching off the index of turns, it is possible to set a rhythm, however, without postponing, it is necessary to install the new relay.
3. If contrary to a crossing point indexes of turn do not burn, then the switch of indexes of turns or the conductor bringing tension is faulty.